Staying ahead of the storm…

As we look ahead to our ever changing world we see the field of computer security struggling to keep up. It never quite catches up, and it never quite gets comfortable. Last month Julia Banfield spoke with Dr. Sadie Creese from Oxford on this race: “Assessing risk, understanding priorities and constantly reassessing as you move forward and the world changes are crucial to cyber security. Creese argues that consumers and businesses alike need to understand their areas of highest risk; those with the real costs to you as an individual or organisation” (Banfield, 2012).

As we keep up with cyber security we will also be keeping up with information security. As we move into those clouds, we need to keep the storms away. It is not certain if all businesses are up for the continued and growing challenges in security.  We have to meet these challenges and storms head on if we want information to be secure.


Banfield, J. (2012, Feb 10). Global Future Challenges: The race to secure cyber space. Retrieved March 6, 2012, from OxfordMartin:


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