“Ownership of Information”: A view from the race track

Today we have many legal tools to help us in protection of Ownership of Information. Florida Atlantic University Information Resource Management (IRM) provides a couple of these for us: “IRM supports the Federal Standard for Copyright (http://www.loc.gov/copyright/) and Fair Use ( http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-fairuse.html ). Any copyrighted material appearing on University web sites must adhere to acceptable use policies or be supported by written permission from the owner of the copyrighted material” (FAU, 2012). These are two avenues to protect informational rights, and patents are the other.

Part of the security challenge of the future gets back to Ownership of Information. Let’s look at this strictly from the view of business. With hardware, software, data and clouds, it is hard to keep track of everything a business owns in our day and age. It gets complex with the rate of speed it is being presented. Let’s layer on intellectual and property law, and you have an ever changing ocean of information, ideas, and ownership rights. A similarity between this kind of property and security is that both are moving at the rate of the internet and dynamically changing every day. “Congress enacted modest reforms to the patent system, but these reforms are inadequate to address the increasing rate of innovation, Christopher Paradies, a registered patent attorney and shareholder in the Tampa office of Fowler White Boggs PA, said in an email to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Patents need to be examined and issued in less than a year, especially in technologies that change the fastest, such as computer and communications technologies” (Hoover, 2011).

We need to know that computer innovation is moving at lightning speeds, and just as our system of patents must change to keep up, so must all areas of information security.


FAU. (2012). Acceptable Use & Ownership of Information Technology Resources. Retrieved March 6, 2012, from Florida Atlantic University: http://www.fau.edu/irm/techpolicy/v.php

Hoover, K. (2011, Sept 23). Patent reform signed into law. Retrieved March 6, 2012, from BizJournals.Com: http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/print-edition/2011/09/23/patent-reform-signed-into-law.html?page=2


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