Benefits of EFS

The main benefit is that EFS provides an easy way to safeguard confidential information on a computer.

EFS reduces the risk where we are “susceptible to attack by techniques that circumvent the restrictions of access control lists (ACLs). In a shared system, an attacker can gain access by starting up a different operating system. An attacker can also steal a computer, remove the hard drives, place the drives in another system, and gain access to the stored files. Files encrypted by EFS, however, appear as unintelligible characters when the attacker does not have the decryption key”. (Microsoft, 2005)

Another benefit is the relative ease with which we can encrypt or decrypt files with “drag and drop” ease into folders.  I will be showing this in my next post where I perform a few of these techniques on my own laptop.  “The encryption attribute can also be set for a file folder. This means that any file created in or added to the folder is automatically encrypted”.  (Microsoft, 2005)

As we will see in my next post, files and folders can be encrypted using My Computer, the “cipher command”, or by right-clicking a file or folder.   I’ll be showing some of these with screenshots accompanying my actions.




Microsoft. (2005, Nov 3). Using Encrypting File System. Retrieved Dec 28, 2011, from Microsoft TechNet:


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