Cohesive corporate data warehousing


I have been studying data warehouse implementations this week and what makes some less successful than others. Probably the initial and biggest problem is lacking ability to not only communicate effectively but to lead as one corporate entity. It is a matter of bringing together disparate data in an understandable way that can be communicated.

A couple of industry names for this need would be enterprise data management or unified data management. These deal with how to evolve into a more “cohesive corporate climate”. To keep the main points easy to remember, I came up with a formula that I will refer to as C3. Diverse silo approaches of the past have to give way to a unified presence in order for C3 to achieve its goal which is: “current creative collaboration”. Cultivating a friendly atmosphere of sharing with a unified data approach allows knowledge and strength to be leveraged for success in today’s competitive market. The term “current” applies to the data or information sharing and means we are dealing with something vital and of value to management for decision making. “Creative” means an atmosphere that allows ideas and expertise to shine. “Collaboration” within the C3 formula means both a unified data approach and an environment that allows the organization to come together to leverage and share that data. The C3 data warehouse formula:

       Cohesive corporate climate = current creative collaboration

C3 represents an approach for bringing power to the corporation through a loosening of the reigns and motivation of the masses. It must be continually refined and managed to keep it relevant and current. Columbus arrived on the shores of a new world which is here to stay, but the information world is ever changing. If you are in a dynamically changing environment with daily changes that are important, then your data warehouse may need to be refreshed on a frequent basis to meet the ever changing need.

Two other factors in a successful data warehouse are accessibility and performance. The data has to be available or it is not going to help. While talking availability, it would be wise to give adequate attention to interface needs and how information delivery will occur. Regardless of dashboards, web-based reporting, email, or whatever the medium, there should be a continual plan in place for updating the data to keep it current and vital.



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